About Me

Hi, I’m Marc Criley! Having been an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction for well over forty years, I finally decided to try my hand at it. After about three years of writing and submitting, starting when I was 53, I got my first semi-pro sale. Since then a few more have followed. And I joined Codex and SFWA!

I recently early-retired from a career as a software developer; so that’s freed up a bunch of time to do more writing and to pursue interests that’ve been relegated to the back burner for many years now.

My wife and I manage a menagerie of cats and Tammy the Dog™️ at our home in North Alabama. When I’m not writing or working on keeping the place up, Tammy and I hike around the hills up behind my house, as the cats seem rather disdainful of all such endeavors.


Trust me, it’s never too late to start writing.