SFWA Membership Approved!

My membership application to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America was approved.

While I’ve been avidly reading fantasy and science fiction for forty-five or so years, I only decided to try my hand at writing it about four years ago. It took a couple years to get my first semi-pro sale, and then the first pro one came along a few months later.

I’m not a prolific writer–there’s a lot of other demands on my time–but I do keep plugging away at things and eventually a handful more pro sales came along, enough to qualify me for SFWA anyway. So that’s another milestone on my writing journey marked off.

The best part of it all is of course the people that I’ve come to know along the way. From Critters, to #WriterTwitter, to Codex, and now with the SFWA.

It’s the people and the stories we share that makes this all worth it. Here are mine.

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